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Kitchen and Bath Remodelers in Orlando - Bob Bilardo


Bob Bilardo

I was having a complete rehab done on the house I just purchased, and after speaking with numerous contractors I was extremely impressed with Fred from Perfect Trades Llc. He was very informative, and most importantly he was focused on detail, and very knowledgeable in all areas of construction. I decided to use Fred for the job, and I was extremely happy I did. 

I actually hired him for putting new cabinets in the kitchen only, and while other contractors came to give me an estimate on painting, granite countertops, etc. while Fred was there, which I thank God he was there. The prices that were given to me by these contractors were ridiculously expensive, so I said I will think about it and get back with them. After they left, Fred said I can do the painting, (the entire inside and outside of house), and also have granite installed at a much better price. When he told me the entire price for everything, I was floored, is was extremely less expensive than the other prices from the contractors. 

Fred is so diversified in all areas of renovations, and he does the job extremely well and does not cut corners at all, and again, he focuses on detail. So if you are considering have any work done, and I mean any work, please give Fred a call, you will be so pleased with his work. 

Fred is so easy to talk to and will work with you on your ideas, and never complains, he just works steadily along until the project is finished. I am so impressed with his work and our relationship, I am not only a client, we are now Fred's friends for life, he's that type of person, friendly, respectful, considerate and just an all around great guy. 

Oh, one very important fact I forgot to mention. When painting the outside of the house, he sealed every single crack, and I mean every crack before he started to paint. Other painters would just paint and not seal, and he still came in less expensive. Unbelievable is his attention to detail and perfection. 

Do yourself a great big favor and save yourself a lot of heartache and aggravation, just hire Perfect Trades Llc for your next project, you will not be disappointed at all. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


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